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We are a proud Allegiant Giving Partner

Haney Garcia Realty Group believes in giving back to our community, which is why we contribute a portion of our earnings to Allegiant Giving Corporation. 

Allegiant Giving exists solely to drive the enrichment of our local community through the development of its future leaders.  Their focus centers on two meaningful opportunities: the advancement of
youth sports programs
military veteran services
.  Each cause is a deserving, vital component for strengthening the fabric of our society, yet both are severely underfunded.  Allegiant Giving aims to change that along with the help of Haney Garcia Realty Group. 

Haney Garcia Realty Group is directly involved in a variety of ways. We sponsor events like "Taste for a Cause," a very successful wine tasting and auction fundraising event that results in new Action Track Wheelchairs being purchased for our veterans. We have also donated money to help the Roseville High School football team. You'll see our sign displayed proudly above the press box! For more information about our "Socks for Soldiers" event click here.

Youth Sports

Allegiant Giving’s focal point is team sports in the greater Placer County and surrounding areas.  Through grant programs and sponsorships, Allegiant is uniquely situated to identify and help service funding needs that allow greater participation in athletics for all local children. 

Military Veterans

As our hometown heroes return from the battlefield, Allegiant Giving recognizes the sacrifices they have made.  Through various funding opportunities, Allegiant helps contribute to a successful re-entry back into civilian life.  With generous corporate and individual contributions, especially during these economically challenging times, we continuously strive to support these worthwhile endeavors.  As these athletes and service men and women grow into full adulthood, the loving community support, along with values and lessons learned, empower them to become effective leaders.  At Haney Garcia Realty Group we believe as they succeed, we succeed. 

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